How to Convert HTML Website to WordPress

Recent statistics show that 30% of websites are powered by WordPress. If you have a website, you may need an HTML to WordPress conversion service for your static  HTML website.  

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) designed to let anyone use it,  regardless of their skill level. You don’t need to hire a developer for WordPress development and changes are very easy to make. Converting static HTML to  WordPress means taking your existing data from your current website and transferring it to the WordPress theme.  

There are different ways of how to convert an HTML site into WordPress, which we  will discuss below: 

1. Convert an HTML Site to WordPress (Manually)  

2. Import HTML content to Pre-Made WordPress Theme  

3. HTML to WordPress Conversion using WordPress Child Theme  

1. Convert an HTML Site to WordPress (Manually)  

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to convert an HTML site to WordPress  manually:  

Step 1: Create a New Folder of Theme  

Create a new folder named the theme folder on your desktop and think of it as a  directory folder.  

Now open your code editor and create text files. You have to create five files which  are as follows:  

  • 1. Index.php  
  • 2. Header.php  
  • 3. Footer.php  
  • 4. SideBar.php 
  • 5. Style.css  

Step 2: Copy CSS File Code  

The next step is to copy the CSS code of your previous website onto the WordPress  Style Sheet. Copy your old CSS code and paste it to the Style.css file. Then fill out  some parts of the style sheet header for the WordPress theme, which are the  following:  

Theme Name It can be anything you want to write
Theme URL Your website address
Author Your name
Author URL Link of your homepage of the site
Description It’s an optional part that shows which  theme you’re using
Version Start with 1.0.0
License, Tags and License URL f you are going to submit the theme into the directory for others to use, you only need this part. If you are keeping it for yourself, then you don’t need to worry about it. 

Now save the style file in your theme folder, then close it.  

Step 3: Separate your old HTML  

Before going to the next step, let me give you information on how WordPress actually works. It uses PHP to retrieve and call pieces of data from its database.  Every file that we are using is designed to tell WordPress which part of the content of the website is to be displayed and where it has to be placed. 

First, open your HTML’s index.html file then copy everything from top to the tag div class=”main” and paste it to the header.php file after that save the file and close it. 

Second, go to the index.html file again and highlight aside from the class=”sidebar”  element and all things inside it. Copy and paste it to your sidebar.php file then save and close it. 

Third, select everything from the index.html file after your sidebar. Copy and paste it into your footer.php file, save it, then close the file.

Lastly, select everything that is left in your index.html and paste it to the index.php  file. Save it but don’t close yet.  

Step 4: Complete your Index.php File  

If you want to finalize your new theme index.php, you need to make sure it can call up the other sections in the other files you have created. After this, save your  index.php file and close it.  

Step 5: Upload your new theme  

After creating your theme files and storing them in your new theme folder, now you need to access your new WordPress installed directory. 

Put your theme folder inside wp-content/themes/. Then go back to the WP admin  ⇾ Appearance ⇾ themes and your new theme should be present there. Then activate it. Now your HTML site has converted into WordPress. 

How to Convert HTML Website to WordPress

2. Import HTML content to Pre-Made WordPress Theme  

Another way of converting HTML to WordPress is to download a theme that you’ve chosen then head back to WP admin ⇾ Appearance ⇾ themes ⇾ Add New and activate your new theme of WordPress. Now import your old site’s content.  For this purpose, go to Plugins ⇾ Add New, search for a plugin named HTML import  2 then install and activate it. Import your HTML page to WordPress using its user guide. After this, your old content is converted into WordPress. 

3. HTML to WordPress Conversion using WordPress Child Theme  

Step 1: Choose a suitable theme for your website, once you choose your theme,  then install the chosen theme. 

Step 2: Create a folder for the child’s theme. 

Step 3: Set up the style sheet for the child’s theme. Add the following: Theme Name: Twenty Fifteen Child 

Theme URL: Your site address 

Author: Your name 

Author URL: Link to your homepage 

Description: It’s an optional part that shows which theme you’re using. 

Version: Start with 1.0.0 

License, Tags and License URL: If you are going to submit the theme into the directory for others to use, you only need this part. If you are keeping it for yourself,  then you don’t need to worry about it.  

Step 4: Create a Functions.php file to inherit the parent’s styles. This file plays an important role in WordPress Installation, and it allows you to make changes to your website.  

Step 5: Now add the child’s theme via Appearance ⇾ themes ⇾ Add New ⇾ Upload theme. Activate your child’s theme, it will look exactly like its parent. 

Step 6: Adjust the design so that it resembles your original HTML site. After adjusting the design, then import your content. Now you are done with the conversion. 

In Conclusion

Getting your HTML website converted into a WordPress site can be tricky, especially if you don’t have any coding background. 

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